World Tourism Day

World tourism day is celebrated on September 27th every year. Travelling to different destinations helps us to relax, detoxify our minds and achieve peace from within. Tourism is a significant income generator for a country’s economy.

It drives the financial indexes high. Tourism has gained an altogether different high with nations collaborating on innovative efforts like adventure tourism, eco-tourism, wellness tourism etc.

Tourism promotes traveling to different places, meeting new people, enjoying leisure with the company of family and friends. In this article, we shall discuss an essential write-up on World Tourism day 2020 by elaborating on its history, importance, themes, and celebrations. Relevant FAQs are provided for readers towards the end of the article.

World Tourism Day – History

The United Nations World Tourism Organization or UNWTO decided to celebrate September 27th as world tourism day from the year 1980. The significance of choosing this particular day needs further understanding.

It was in the year 1970 that UNWTO decided to endorse three of its tourism-related resolutions officially. These three resolutions were regarded as a breakthrough for global travel and tourism industry.

The main idea behind passing these resolutions was to spread recognition of the tourism industry in terms of its impact on the socio-lingual, cultural, geopolitical, economic and financial factors of the country.

In this regard, celebrations usually take place by nominating destination countries or host states every year. Given the festivities, the UNWTO also adopted a scheme of nomination that depends on the geographical lineage of the globe.

Likewise, celebrations are carried out in the order of Europe, South Asian countries, the American states, Africa, and finally the Middle Eastern countries. With specific mention, Ignatius Amaduwa Atigbi is the person who suggested the World Tourism Day celebration on September 27th.

Significance of World Tourism Day

A globetrotter travels around the globe, yet he yearns to look forward to visiting many more destinations in his lifetime. Travelling is an experience supported by the tourism industry.

Tourism is a study of exploration. It helps us to connect with our ancient roots. It is a vibrant learning process where a traveller identifies himself amongst a plethora of cultures, languages, cuisines, traditions and lifestyles.

It is one of the leading industries in the world in the economic front. The tourism industry faces its own set of challenges, yet has emerged to rake in profits over the years.

Thanks to technology, people conduct elaborate surveys on their places of interest. Right from making travel plans to booking tickets and shuffling the perfect itineraries, almost every task happens with the click of a button.

The tourism industry has undergone a sea change in recent years, all thanks to digital information processing. The tourism department offers packages and caters to all sections of people under all modes of travel.

1. When is the world tourism day?

September 27th of every year is celebrated as world tourism day.

2. Why is World Tourism Day celebrated?

World tourism day is celebrated to highlight the importance of travelling and promoting the tourism sector of the respective nations.

3. How do we celebrate World Tourism Day?

We can celebrate by organizing special tours and trips for the day. World tourism day should also focus on eco-tourism celebrations, offering free entries to unique places of interests and providing discounts on travel packages.

4. Which is the host country for this year’s World Tourism Day 2020?

Djibouti and Addis Ababa in the Ethiopian regions are the hosts for World tourism day 2020.

5. What was the theme of World Tourism Day 2020?

Tourism – building peace and fostering knowledge” is the theme of world tourism day 2020.

“Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you.

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